Assessment of HVAC modernization potential

Carbon Footprint Reduction Potential Assessment is a quick, simple and very cost-effective service during which we cross-sectionally verify selected elements of HVAC systems

What can we offer?

We cross-sectionally verify selected elements of HVAC systems and assess the potential for reducing the carbon footprint, the potential cost of individual steps that will be necessary to achieve it, necessary changes in installations and payback time (ROI), the potential for obtaining White Certificates or targeted subsidies.



What you should know?

HVAC systems constitute a very large part of a building's energy consumption (30% to even 50%). Even a small improvement in the energy efficiency of the existing system means a significant reduction in the operational carbon footprint and a possible reduction in operating fees, which will pay off the costs of modernization investments. Often, simply restoring the initial parameters and removing many years of operational negligence reduces the carbon footprint at low cost.

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Get started by contacting us

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