Support in Achieving ESG Goals

Our service supports commercial property owners in achieving their environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals, with a particular focus on environmental goals. We help improve the energy efficiency of buildings, reduce operational carbon footprints and promote circular economy in HVAC installations.

What can we offer?

Our activities include modernization and optimization of the operation of HVAC systems, which contribute to achieving the assumed goals of reducing the carbon footprint.



What you should know?

Our service is comprehensive and tailored to the client's needs. We start with a detailed diagnosis, and then we carry out modernizations and optimizations while maintaining the highest standards. After the work is completed, we monitor the effects to ensure that the expected benefits are achieved. Our goal is not only to improve energy efficiency, but also to increase the comfort of use of the building and contribute to environmental protection.

Get started by contacting us

Get started by contacting us

Sample projects

Konstruktorska Business Center

Warszawa, Mokotów


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