Modernization and optimization of HVAC installations, troubleshooting

Reducing your carbon footprint and energy consumption – where to start? where the potential is greatest and the costs of implementing the change will pay off most quickly?

Available services

Our services are based on the actual verification of the condition of the installation in the assessed facility, which is a key aspect of a reliable assessment for us. The carbon devil is in the details, and paper (unfortunately) can absorb everything without affecting reality.

Ventilation Duct Leakage Testing

Our airtightness testing service for ventilation ducts includes comprehensive examination of ducts at various stages of their use - from the construction stage and acceptance of the investment, to the operation of the building.

HVAC performance measurements

HVAC performance measurements are a service that allows you to accurately assess the efficiency of HVAC systems in a building. Using advanced tools and techniques, we measure the performance of various components of the HVAC system, such as mechanical ventilation, chilled water and process heat.

Regulation of HVAC systems

HVAC system regulation is the process of optimizing the operation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in a building. This process includes adjusting the HVAC system settings to the specific needs of the building to ensure optimal energy efficiency, thermal comfort and indoor air quality.

Comprehensive diagnostics of HVAC systems

White certificates confirm the amount of final energy saved resulting from the implementation of a project or projects of the same type aimed at improving energy efficiency.

Repair HVAC systems

HVAC system repair is a service that includes the diagnosis, repair and optimization of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. A team of specialists conducts a detailed technical analysis of the HVAC system, taking into account both technical aspects and the user's perspective.

Tests and modernizations of fire protection systems

The service of testing and modernization of fire protection systems includes the review, testing and modernization of fire protection systems, including aeration and smoke removal systems.

Cleanroom validations

Walidacja to kluczowy proces weryfikacji, że system, instalacja lub procedura spełnia określone wymagania i działa zgodnie z oczekiwaniami.

Optimization of the operation of chilled beam systems

The service of optimizing the operation of chilled beam systems involves conducting a comprehensive analysis and modernization of the system to ensure its optimal operation. The process includes a review of air handling units, chilled water production and distribution, air distribution system and building automation operation.

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