Ventilation Duct Leakage Testing

Our airtightness testing service for ventilation ducts includes comprehensive examination of ducts at various stages of their use - from the construction stage and acceptance of the investment, to the operation of the building.

What can we offer?

Tests may include preparing the duct network for the test, conducting the test (overpressure, underpressure), and providing a report and recommendation. We perform tests on almost every type of building, both on horizontal and vertical channels.



What you should know?

Leaks in HVAC systems can lead to a number of problems, such as lack of cooling and heating power, incorrect temperatures, lack of adequate fresh air, poor working conditions for staff in a commercial kitchen, and difficulties in maintaining dust and microbiological cleanliness in operating rooms and other clean rooms. Our air duct leak testing helps detect and repair these problems, leading to improved HVAC system performance, reduced energy loss and lower energy bills.

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