We are reducing
the carbon footprint of buildings.

We are a team of HVAC system specialists.
We are passionate about work optimization.

47 845 245.9 kg CO₂

we have already reduced

kg CO₂

We continuously reduce the carbon footprint of buildings.

Partner for responsible and sustainable operation of
ventilation and air conditioning systems

We are a partner for building owners who care about sustainable development, comfort of property users, energy bills and the rate of return on investment (e.g. in HVAC modernization), which we can predict, design, implement and monitor.


We modernize the ventilation and air conditioning of offices individually or comprehensively, restoring comfort inside the rooms and reducing energy bills.

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Optimization of operating blocks

Proper operation of HVAC in the operating room increases patient safety and staff comfort.

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Chilled beam systems

Proper operation of the beam system reduces the operational (energy) and built-in carbon footprint (need to replace devices with new ones) compared to other systems.
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For pharmacy

In the pharmaceutical sector, precise control of environmental conditions is crucial. Our HVAC solutions for pharma and cleanrooms are designed to meet the rigorous requirements of this industry.

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Eliminate unpleasant odors, improve hygiene and working comfort for your staff, and at the same time increase energy efficiency. 

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For shopping centers

Even properly constructed and operated HVAC installations have great potential for optimization, because of recently available technologies, including non-invasive duct sealing.

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Industrial facilities

Industrial facilities, such as production halls, high-bay warehouses, distribution centers or clean rooms, require precisely adjusted HVAC parameters, which are crucial for technological processes.
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Our work

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Opinie naszych klientów

“System wentylacji działał bardzo sprawnie, zapewniając ciągły przepływ świeżego powietrza i skutecznie usuwając wilgoć oraz nieprzyjemne zapachy.”

Adam Kowalski

Adam Kowalski

Administrator budynku

“System wentylacji działa wydajnie i skutecznie usuwa wilgoć oraz zapewnia świeże powietrze, co przyczynia się do poprawy jakości powietrza w pomieszczeniu.”

Adam Kowalski

Adam Kowalski

Administrator budynku

“System wentylacji to świetna inwestycja nie tylko dla zdrowia, ale również dla portfela, dzięki oszczędnościom na kosztach energii i ogrzewania”

Adam Kowalski

Adam Kowalski

Administrator budynku

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